Squash Racquet

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Squash Apparel

Squash apparel  has to withstand a lot. The same goes for players who wear it.
Our sports kits are extremely versatile, with our new area CHILE avant-garde, with its details of taste and matching suits, everyone has the opportunity to be well dressed and ready for the game. In addition, we offer a new range of leisure for men and women in the game.


Squash Racquet Head 150 CT

Squash Racquet Head 150 CT  is almost identical to his brother CT 130 with just the weight of the difference . Squash Racquet Head 150 CT  is a bit ' heavier with a weight of 150g . As with CT 130 , CT 150 has a head size of 500cm2 , which offers a nice sweet spot to hit the ball with precision. It also has filled a neck design . Control the ball and the game stops are much easier with this racquet series past, Liquid racket . This is a great improvement for the head of the racket that you can feel the vibration when striking the ball with the bat old series .

Well with the new technology are well- rails installed in the portion of the shaft of the stick to provide more rigidity than before. The energy loss is reduced , leading to more powerful punches. MicroGEL with Metallix and materials , the new racket head gives you a better feel and every movement.

Since Squash Racquet Head 150 CT  is a bit ' more difficult , it gives you a little ' more power when swinging the bat . If you do not have a powerful swing , able to compensate for the weight of your weakness . In addition, Squash Racquet Head 150 CT  is good for beginners, be a player all over the squash.

Width : 18-22 mm
Head size : 500 cm ²
Weight: 150 g
Balance : 335 mm
Colours: blue / black / silver
String Pattern: 16/17


Squash Racquet Head Meanstreak

Squash racquet Head Meanstreak . The back of the head in full force in 2009-2010 with their new series of racquets. These snow shoes are the most powerful leader of the club has ever produced. The weight 165 is back and that is what we have tried many fans head for the series since IGS Liquid Metal. These were some of the coolest images ever put on a paddle and save with their names (Problem Child, mean Streak action and dirty). These are the winners of this year and will be in the future.


The Head Meanstreak
Racquetball Racquet utilizes CT
Power Stabilizer
Microgel, Metallix, IGS2 and the channel power technology.
Width: 21 mm
Head Size: 106 square inches
Weight (unstrung): 175 g
Balance (unstrung): search strings .. 22 "Grip Black Hydro Sort 295 mm in length Durazone 16/16 226010